Why Join TPA

Every professional needs a place where they can associate with members of their industry for wholesome growth and development.

TPA is necessary for:

  • Integration: TPA establishes a platform where different Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism players integrate as one unit in an effort to offer services in an efficient and coordinated manner.
  • Improvement of standards: TPA is set to assists in maintaining and improving the standards of conduct and training of the industry in Kenya.
  • Knowledge: TPA will work with learning institutions to facilitate the acquisition of hospitality, leisure and tourism knowledge by industry practitioners.
  • Assisting the government and other regulatory bodies: TPA creates a forum for government agencies like TRA to collaborate with Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism bodies, training institutions in all matters affecting the industry in Kenya.
  • Representation: TPA represents, advocates and lobbies for the Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism practitioners in Kenya with respect to industry code of conduct, standards, training, competency in the workforce and best practice.
  • Boosting competency: TPA will also assist in monitoring those personnel being engaged in the industry promoting competency and high standards in the hospitality, Leisure and Tourism workforce.
  • Property: TPA may be used to guide in acquisition, development and disposal of property.