TPA Mission

The central mission of Tourism Professional Association (TPA) is to apply standardized and universal procedures for individual and corporate accreditation for purposes of registration of all qualified tourism and hospitality practitioners;

Specifically, TPA will:

  1. Liaise with the relevant department to administer a comprehensive code of ethical standards and procedures to guide professional behavior;
  2. Provide support for Continuing Professional Development through learning opportunities
  3. Publish professional journals or magazines;
  4. Provide networks for professionals to meet and discuss their field of expertise;
  5. Ensure members are well informed and knowledgeable about the operational procedures of the strategic plans and professional projects being implemented in the tourism and hospitality industry;
  6. Provide career support and opportunities for students, graduates and the current workforce;
  7. Oversee the development of training programmes and the certification of professional qualifications;
  8. Deal with complaints against professionals and implement disciplinary procedures;
  9. Affiliate to any other association of body having similar aims and objectives in, and or outside of the Republic of Kenya;
  10.  Expand and form branches within and or outside the Republic of Kenya for the
    furtherance of its aims and objectives.