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 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Events & Training

Tourism Professional Association (TPA) is a professional body formed in 2015 pursuant to the Tourism Act 2011 which also established the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA). Section 11 of TRA regulations establishes the Tourism Professional Association (TPA) and its function. TPA’s primary purpose is to recognize and continuously promote the highest professional standards of management, education and training in tourism, hospitality and related institutions and industries.

TPA CPD and Training Calendar

The TPA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program is an initiative to ensure continuous professional learning for all tourism and hospitality professionals in Kenya before, during and after they are admitted to the service. All tourism and hospitality professionals practicing in Kenya are required to attend Continuous Professional Development sessions.

Who Can Attend?

The training targets all hospitality, tourism including leisure, travel, tour operators and other related areas both industry and academia professionals, both industry and academia.

How To Register! (Booking online now)

Charges: TPA Members KES2,500 and Non-members KES3,000

Benefits: Certificate of Participation (and CPD points for TPA members)

Please do not hesitate to contact us at programs@tpa.co.ke

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The Committee on Continuing Professional Development

The Committee on Continuous Professional Development provided policy direction to the CPD Program and meets monthly to discuss pertinent issues of implementation of the program. The Committee also accredits other institution which would like to put on sessions on professional development for tourism and hospitality professionals. The Committee has developed guidelines on CPD which ensure the efficient running of the program.

CPD Compliance Status

Every applicant for an annual practicing certificate shall be accompanied by proof that the applicant has secured five units of continuing legal education during each practicing year.

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 Continuous Professional Development

Tourism Professional Association Professional Training Committee (PTC) provides policy direction to the program and meets monthly to discuss ant pertinent issues surrounding the CPD program. The Committee in liaison with the Accreditation and Certification Committee also accredits other institutions, that facilitate sessions on professional development for tourism professionals.

The PTC Committee is mandated to work with the TPA Secretariat in the implementation of the CPD Calendar of Events, development of the curriculum and content of the program. The CPD Committee constantly reviews and develops the program and envisions a program that provides legal knowledge to all professionals practicing in different areas of tourism and hospitality at an affordable rate and in an efficient manner.

Under the Committee’s guidance, the Continuous Professional Development Program has become, an integral aspect of tourism practice in Kenya. It is one of the most vibrant program of the Tourism Professional Association. This is in line with its vision of structuring the on going training of professionals on the latest developments in the sector and acting as forum for discussion of proposed legislation.

The Committee closely with two other committees:

  • Accreditation and Certification Committee: This Committee deals with accreditation matters of individuals and institutions.
  • Finance Committee: This Committee deals with the TPA budgetary issues and  of the Continuous Professional Development Program.


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