About us

Welcome to Tourism Professional Association

The Tourism Professional Association (TPA) is the only self-regulated professional body for hospitality and tourism educators and practitioners!.

Tourism Professional Association (TPA) was formed in 2015 in fulfilment of the Tourism Act 2011 which also established the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA). Section 11 of TRA regulations establishes the Tourism Professional Association (TPA) and its functions, which states that: .

  • 1. There is established a tourism professionals and practitioners; body to be known as the Tourism Professional Association.
  • 2. The object and purpose for which the Association is established is to provide a framework for tourism professionals and practitioners for self-regulation.
  • 3. The Authority shall keep a register of all tourism professionals and practitioners.
  • 4. The Authority shall, in consultation with the Association and other relevant stakeholders, develop and implement tourism sector Code of Practice

1. Promote and advance the professionalism of individuals in tourism in all sectors, at all levels and worldwide
2. Bring together various tourism sectors to discuss, debate and share ideas & experiences, to network and to develop best practice
3. Support training and academic development at all stages of their progress through industry collaboration
4. Recognise individual achievement in the field of hospitality and tourism
5. Provide a channel of communication for members on issues of local, national and international interest
6. Support and encourage individuals’ understanding of sustainable development and the issues around it


To promote the highest professional standards of tourism and hospitality practice and education.

Who We Are

TPA is the professional body for those engaged in hospitality and tourism trade both industry and academia.

What We Do

In liaison with relevant bodies, TPA will play a major role in integration, regulation, management and development of the Hospitality and Tourism practitioners for the greater good of its members and the development of the industry.