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The Tourism Professional Association (TPA) - the only self-regulated professional body for hospitality and tourism educators and practitioners!

TPA believes that it is important to bring the entire tourism and hospitality professionals under one organized body comprising of practitioners and academia to effectively have a holistic representation in the diversity of Tourism Profession. TPA offers networking opportunities and other services to its registered members and provides a platform for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is much needed for all professionals to remain competent in their filed. Join us and be a part of this group of professionals committed to serve the hospitality and tourism industry and education in upholding professional standards.
Our mission
TPA is committed to promote the highest professional standards of tourism and hospitality practice and education.
Who we are?
TPA is the professional body for those engaged in hospitality and tourism trade both industry and academia.
What we do?
In liaison with relevant bodies, TPA will play a major role in integration, regulation, management and development of the Hospitality and Tourism practitioners for the greater good of its members and the development of the industry.
TPA aims to:
  • Promote and advance the professionalism of individuals in tourism in all sectors, at all levels and worldwide
  • Bring together various tourism sectors to discuss, debate and share ideas & experiences, to network and to develop best practice
  • Support training and academic development at all stages of their progress through industry collaboration
  • Recognise individual achievement in the field of hospitality and tourism
  • Provide a channel of communication for members on issues of local, national and international interest
  • Support and encourage individuals’ understanding of sustainable development and the issues around it
Tourism Professional Association (TPA)

Chairman's Foreword

Dear TPA Members

When I was called upon by the interim committee to be the interim Chairman of TPA, I was acutely aware that this was no small task and obligation, and that my day-to day responsibilities at my place of work made it seem plainly prohibitive!

What the Interim Committee asked for also seemed unrealistic and ambitious considering the many years of transformation of the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Kenya. However, I took on this challenge to provide stewardship to TPA with the help of the interim committee members to where we have reached now. It is my pleasure on behalf of the TPA Executive Board to make this first address to ALL members noting that finally TPA has taken off the runway. LOGIN TO READ MORE
Tourism Professional Association (TPA)

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Tourism Professional Association (TPA)

Our Networks

Thanks to our partnership with HOSCO and THE CODE, TPA members can now access this great network to look for top career opportunities, connect with thousands of hospitality talents and learn more on our industry.

TPA Secretariat

TPA Empowers… the hospitality industry by connecting, inspiring, and providing opportunities to all its professionals

Our Affiliates and Links

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